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On Demand
On Demand programme duration On Demand programme duration
8 weeks (21 hours total: 3-4 per week)
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Early to Mid Career

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Communicating for Performance On Demand

Delivery Options

This programme is also available as a live delivery programme, and will be delivered in-person at the IMI Campus to facilitate the best learning experience for participants.

The in-person programme for Communicating for Performance will commence on 08 September 2022.

You can look forward to:

Testing your knowledge

Your acquired knowledge will be challenged through a series of quizzes and reflective questions.

Learning support

You will have a variety of learning resources available, as well as 24/7 technical support.

Knowledge centre

You will have access to the IMI Knowledge Centre for the duration of your programme.

Peer learning

Interactive discussion boards will provide a platform for you to network with your fellow participants.

Why choose this programme?

Most people believe that they can communicate, but can they communicate effectively?

This programme will show you how to listen, provide feedback and avoid common mistakes made in communication.

This programme is for you if…

You are a manager who needs to
develop your one-to-one and one-to-many communication skills in the workplace.

Key takeaways

Influence People

Learn how to influence people, read body language, think on your feet, answer tough questions, and be assertive.

Assertive Leadership

Lead people effectively. Gain the confidence and competencies to communicate and lead stakeholders across your organisation.


Make everything you say matter. Develop your ability to communicate with clarity, brevity and impact.

Programmes themes

Listening and Feedback

• Exploring and understanding your listening skills.
• Giving and receiving effective feedback.
• Seeking and providing clarity in your communications.
• Understanding and challenging assumptions successfully.


• Developing your influencing skills.
• Understanding the science of body language and how to read/apply.
• Understanding micro expressions and facial gestures.
• Thinking on your feet.

Dealing with Difficulty

• Developing your assertion skills.
• Dealing with difficult situations.
• Dealing with difficult people.
• Dealing with difficult behaviours.

What our graduates say

Thomas Heeney
This programme has made me more confident, assertive and better able to communicate and build relationships with my colleagues and clients. I find that I am much more of an active listener now and I’ve learnt much more about how I currently communicate, what my style is and how to improve it.
Thomas Heeney
RTE, Account Manager

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